Build a 2x4 Lap Steel Guitar + other cool stuff

Build your own 2x4 lap steel guitar + lots of other good stuff!  It's Shane Speal's weekly newsletter.
Shane Speal Newsletter... so much good stuff this week!

Hi all!  I'm so sorry I missed the deadline for last week's newsletter.  I've been writing a new column for Guitar World Magazine and time just seemed to slip away.  This week's newsletter will be set up in small bites for you instead of one long story.   There's some cool stuff... dig in!

Build a 2x4 Lap Steel Guitar (pictured above) - Free Plans
This is one of the easiest homemade guitars I've ever built, and it took me only an hour to make. This lap steel was made from an extra 2x4 I had in my shed, with just a few saw cuts to the wood. I even used a pre-wired acoustic sound hole pickup, so there was no wiring needed. Anybody can build this lap steel guitar!

See the full plans and watch the demo video here.  BTW, I'm working on a follow up column on cool mods to do to these lap steels.

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Can I feature YOU in my Guitar World column?
I write 1-2 columns a week for Guitar World's online blog series and I'm looking for fresh articles.  My column is called The DIY Musician and it's all about homemade instruments, freakish guitars and cool projects.  I'm always looking for new people and instruments to write about.  If you think you have an article idea or a guitar/project that stands out, let me know.  I'm looking for stuff that stands out...not just your typical cigar box guitars or homemade instruments.

Email me at with your ideas or simply catch me on Facebook.
Not every idea will be chosen and I've already got 5 upcoming articles in the pipeline. 

New Cigar Box Guitars On Sale
I've just added a dozen new cigar box guitars to the Shane Speal Online Store.  Each of these are my classic 3-string models, acoustic with internal pickups.  One of the thrills in building cigar box guitars is hearing them sing for the first time when you string them up... and these newest ones are all incredible sounding.  
Cigar Box Guitars at the Shane Speal Online Store
Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band returns to Tourist Inn this Friday with stunt-double washboard player

This Friday the 13th, 9pm
Tourist Inn, 671 W Market St, Hallam, PA 17406
Facebook event page

I love when we get booked at heavy metal clubs!  That's when we play our craziest shows.   Friday night will be one of them.  We're playing the great Tourist Inn in Hellam PA (just outside our hometown of York) this Friday night at 9pm.  Joining us on stage will be our new stunt-double washboard player, Kennedy the Merch Guy!  Yes, we've tricked our poor merch guy into playing washboard while Ronn is away.  Come see the insanity.  Here's the link with all the info.  COME OUT...THIS WILL BE A KICKASS CONCERT! 
10-Year Old Brennen Speal's Artwork Chosen as Best in PA
My youngest son, Brennen was just informed that his cubist artwork (above) was chosen as best-in-state out of all elementary schools in Pennsylvania. His artwork (which I think looks like me with the goatee!) will be part of an annual art exhibit at the state capitol in Harrisburg PA this month.  Brennen is obsessed with art and will spend hours drawing, learning and even exploring digital art/animation, too.

I'm thinkin' this artwork needs to be an album cover?  What say you?

Kennedy, our stunt-double merch guy has just launched a new crowdfunding campaign with his partner, Hollie.  They are creating a mobile art studio + Snake Oil Band traveling merch bus called the BEEstrung Mobile Art Bus.  Join us in supporting their project to bring art, DIY projects and more to people all over.  Here is their brand new Indie Go Go campaign: 
BEEstung Mobile Art Bus

You know you want the shirt...

The Shane Speal email is sponsored by C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply, your one-stop-shop for cigar box guitar supplies.

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