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This Cigar Box Guitar Life Is Just One Big Improv Jam
(The Snake Oil Band may end after July, but who knows...)

I just finished these two guitars yesterday...and the whole story to them was invented as I was building them. 

Just like life.

These are the Primal Twin Cigar Box Guitars.  They were made in a pair, one 3-string and one 4-string.  They're made for you to create a cigar box duo with a friend.  The 4-string plays rhythm guitar because the high string makes each strum lush and chimey.  The 3-string is the classic Speal beater cigar box guitar, ready to play snarling leads over top of its twin.

Yeah!  Just like back in the old days, right?  Right?

Wait...I made all that up. 

I have no documentation of any 3 and 4 string cigar box guitar duos in history.  There's no tradition or legend behind it.  But it made sense to me from a musician's point of view... so I built them.

I kinda like that theology:  Dream it up and build it.  Live it.  Be it.

Ronn Benway returned to the Snake Oil Band last week.  It was good to see him after being gone for several months.  Upon his return, we started talking about our future with the band. 

It appears that we're going to keep Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band going in it's current formation until the end of July.  After that, there's a possibility that we put the project on a shelf, perhaps to explore again at a later time.  Ronn's got things to do with his life and I have some things that need done.

This all may change...who knows.  But the current plan is to rock out until August.

It's all improv.

In the past, I may have been crushed to see an end date...even if it's just a hiatus.  I guess I'm older and I've grown more optimistic.  There's some big plans in the works that could possibly eclipse anything I've ever done.  Who knows.

In the meantime, we're going to storm through our full concert schedule this summer like an army of jug band freaks. 

We're playing Speal's Tavern this Saturday night and it will probably one of the greatest shows ever. 

You need to be there.  Here's the info to the Speal's Tavern gig. Saturday night.  9pm.  Get there early because it's usually standing room only.

I've updated the full concert calendar and we're going to be playing a lot in the next few months.  Come and join us as we destroy every stage we tread on. 

Life is improv.  Life is good. 

Always stay primal.
And yes, they are for sale...

The Primal Twins
$250 for the set of two. 

Matching set of cigar box guitars, one set up as a 3-string lead instrument and the other as a 4 string rhythm. Note: these instruments are made with salvaged Arturo Fuente cigar boxes and may have scratches and marks from their previous lives.

Both are acoustic/electric with an internal contact mic pickup. Both are tuned to an open G chord. The 4 string has a more lush open strum to it...perfect for playing slide chord rhythms. The 3-string is better suited to play leads over top the 4-string.

  • 23" scale (based on an old Stella guitar)
  • Speal's classic Renaissance style C-soundhole with brass colored screens.
  • Brass corners
  • Played with a slide

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