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Everybody Tells Young Folks to Follow Their Dreams, But Few Ever Tell Them the Rewards at the End.

I was rabidly obsessed with the Musicvox Guitar Company when they debuted in the late 90's.  Their Spaceranger model was like electric sex from future's past...the globular shapes, the radical retro 'throwback' look...  To me, they were more beautiful than Strats or Les Pauls.  

I first held one in a Philadelphia guitar store back in 1998.  I was so poor at the time, I walked away, empty handed and sad.

I wish I could call myself up on a time machine phone...

Hey "1998 Shane," don't you dare give up!  Someday, you'll be the ad guy for Musicvox.  You'll own several of those Spacerangers.  

They're even going to issue the Spaceranger XL, new version that you helped to design!!!

This is newest Spaceranger that are about to hit the market.  They feature my design inputs of larger, semi-hollow bodies and optional Bigsby tremolos.  You're one of the first to see these photos.

1998 Shane would shit a brick if he knew this would eventually happen.  

But stuff like this DOES happen.  It happens a lot... but it usually takes a lot longer than expected.  The payoffs are huge and they're worth the work.  I'm not talking about financial riches...I'm talking about friendships, adventures and illumination.

Back in those days, I thought middle-age people were well beyond the days of adventure, ingenuity and rock n' roll.  I'm 46 now.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

Stay primal and tell the next generation that things aren't going to come quickly or easily, but it's still worth the work.  

Livin' the dream...
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Shane Speal will be performing at the Deep Blues Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi, October 13 and 14!!!  Go to for all the info.
Want to see those ads I designed for Musicvox?  I just posted a bunch of them here.


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