Dead Man's Blues

Dead Man's Blues
I love Deep Blues imagery.  It's the mean, gritty, bad-side-of-town feelings. 

My woman done me wrong. 
Nobody loves me but my mama (and she may be jivin', too)! 
You get the idea.

Building cigar box guitars allows me to channel the love of art and music into one canvas.  It's the mixing of mediums, the use of found objects and the satisfaction that my sculpture will sing when complete that gives me the drive.

Yesterday, I turned down a free vending space at a blues festival.  I will now only sell my cigar box guitars online and perhaps at my own concerts.  No more traveling tent. 

You guys get to see all my instruments first.

I ended the summer tour season a couple weeks ago and I've been listing the remaining stock of cigar box guitars, Rust-O-Phonic mics, t-shirts & handmade gig bags + and other goodies over at Just about everything is on sale, with guitars starting at only $45. 

Bargain hunters and guitar collectors, this sale is for you.  I'd like to clear out the old stock and start building even more artistic and bluesy instruments this fall. 

In fact I'm craving some new stringed inventions.  I've already started collecting the found objects such as door handles, hubcaps, railroad spikes and salvaged wood.  It's gonna be cool...

Stay primal,
Shane Speal

All t-shirts are on sale.  Only a limited number left...

All handmade gig bags are now 50% off.
(Gig bags are on the Clothing page...)

The Shane Speal newsletter is sponsored by C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply, the cigar box guitar parts superstore.


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