Discovering a blues legend's Cigar Box Guitar story + shows & more

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I whooped and hollered when I discovered this quote yesterday.  I was literally chucking my fist in the air like some sort of victory dance!    I knew Scrapper Blackwell started out on cigar box guitar, but I had no idea he was interviewed about it in 1960, just two years before he was murdered.

So you all realize I gotta re-create Scrapper's cigar box guitar, right?  Right! 

Have you noticed that the whole cigar box guitar movement seems to have four types of participants?  They are:
  • The Builder
  • the Performer
  • the Historian
  • and the Neighbor (aka, fans & those who delight in the community)

The real magic is when you start to mix all four of these types together into one project.  For the Scrapper Blackwell story, I am going to document and publish his history (Historian), re-create his guitar (Builder), possibly perform & record one of his songs on it (Performer) and share it all online so others are inspired (Neighbor).

As a member of my exclusive little email list, you are the first to hear about any of this.  I'll let you know when articles are published and such.  For now, I'm trying to win an antique mandolin neck at an online auction.  One just like Scrapper's cigar box guitar.

So what about you?  What kind of expedition are you leading this week?  My encouragement is that you go searching for something...even if you don't know what it is.  Saddle up Rocinante and charge after a few windmills. 

When I was in New Orleans a couple weeks ago, a saxophone player told me, "the essence of jazz is simply, "I dare ya!"

Stay primal.  I dare ya.
Shane Speal

ps.  keep scrolling down.  I have a gig this Friday night at the Pub on the Trail in York PA (a new venue for me) + I'm also giving you links to some of my latest Guitar World columns.

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