Free Cigar Box Guitar Lessons, Uke Kit + more awesome Shane Speal news!

Free Lessons, A Speech and a Big Ol' Guitar-Be-Que

I've finally recorded more How to Play videos for you guys. 

Ben Baker, aka Mr. CB Gitty, challenged me to show my secrets to blues turnarounds.  (Turnarounds are those iconic guitar licks at the end of a 12 bar blues progression.  Click the link above and you'll hear what I mean.)  I took my time with each of these five new lessons and made sure to show exactly what I was doing with my fingers.  Watch them here.  I hope you enjoy.

Cigar Box Guitar Kits
Speaking of Mr. Gitty, we working closer than ever before.  In the last two years, I have been the marketing guy for, the world's largest cigar box guitar parts store.  We're working on new instrument kits, wilder guitars and the type of musical discoveries I've only ever dreamed about. 

We just launched the Cigar Box Ukulele kit yesterday:
It's a great kit that requires only moderate woodworking ability (you'll need basic tools such as hammer, screwdrivers, drill & bits, files) and the end result is a very playable...and loud...uke. 

The Speech Has Been Posted to Youtube
Back in late June, the business community of York PA invited me to deliver a speech on the art of crafting.  I called my short presentation, Seduced into Crafting: My Life as a Sound Searcher.  You can see the whole thing here.

Speal's Tavern's Annual "Guitar-Be-Que" - Tickets On Sale!
I will be returning to the Speal's Tavern Guitar-Be-Que on Saturday, August 15.  The event takes place in Saltsburg PA and features EIGHT bands, food, drinks and more.  Tickets are now on sale here.

Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band - FINAL SHOW NEXT SATURDAY!  Shane Jr. joins the band!
We've got one more show this summer, and it's a doozie!  Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band will be headlining the Hanover (PA) Dutch Days Celebration next Saturday, July 25.  We'll be delivering a blistering 3 hour show from 1-4pm!  Since Ronn Benway has left for Seattle, the Snake Oil Band will be introducing our newest percussionist...Shane Speal Jr! 

Get there early.  We'll have the cigar box guitar tent set up with all kinds of instruments for sale. 
Hanover Dutch Days:  Saturday, July 25 from 9am-5pm in downtown Hanover PA.  This is a free and family-friendly event.

Cigar Box Guitars still offline...Beer Can Mics still available
Until I get through the final Snake Oil Band show, all my cigar box guitars for sale are offline.  (They're packed up and ready for Hanover's Dutch Days.)  However, I still have more Rust-O-Phonic beer can mics available (including Steelers cans!) here.

Since I don't have any guitars for sale right now, I've highlighted a couple amazing pieces below that were built by Farley, Glenn, Jason and Ben at C. B. Gitty.  I've played these particular instruments myself and they're incredible.  I sometimes wish I could get paid in guitars...  ;)

Stay primal, everyone!

The Barnstormer
4-String Acoustic Electric Guitar featuring 150+ year old barnwood body and American Chestnut Neck
The Howlin' Hound
...Because an old dog bowl makes one kickass dobro cone!  Fretted 4-string cigar box guitar. Acoustic/Electric

Glenn Watt's artistic take on cigar box guitar lutherie.  An antique chessboard was used to create the body and matched with a fretted, flame-maple fretboard and Telecaster neck pickup. This thing smokes.


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