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Remember toy suprises in the cereal box?

When I started my own guitar slide company, I wanted to surprise folks in the same way that Cap'n Crunch did back in the 70's...except I would include stickers, collectible pins and burlap "mojo" bags instead of bicycle license plates.

I just got the brand new Felix the Cat stickers in.  Each one is 4.25" square and is screen printed on weatherproof vinyl.  They look awesome on guitar cases and car bumpers!  Starting today, I'm tucking one inside every order. 

I've continued to introduce various collectible 1.5" pins that are included with every guitar slide.  (Have you collected the pins?  Send me a picture of your collection!) 

I hope to bring out even more guitar slides and work with artisans who craft these awesome pieces. For me, every slide inspires a new song or playing style.  

Thanks for making my life fun!  I hope you're enjoying this stuff as much as I am.

Staying primal...always,

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Snake Oil Medicine Bottle Slide - $10 each (2 slide set for $15)

As featured at the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, MS!  Get 'em here - I ship worldwide.

Snake Oil Bottle Slides »

The Preacher hand-tooled brass slide - $13

Fully adjustible for all size fingers. 
See the demo video in the link.  
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Thursday, June 28 - Bog Turtle Brewing Co., Oxford PA - 7pm
Saturday, June 30 - Mayfly Festival, Wrightsville PA - 1pm

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