Shane Speal Band Member, Derick Kemper to Appear on Forged in Fire

Fans of Shane Speal & the Snakes will get to see the band's harmonica player, Derick Kemper appear on The History Channel's popular show, Forged in Fire on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.  Kemper, based in Fawn Grove, PA, is a professional blacksmith who specializes in coal-fired, period-correct blacksmithing  at Damselfly Forge

Here's a typical scene of Derick in his shop.  (No, he didn't play blues harp on Forged in Fire!)

We can't say whether Derick wins or not...because even we don't know!  He's been very secretive about this whole shindig.  Tune in to the History Channel on Wednesday, October 17 to find out and join us on our Facebook event page for real time chatting about the episode.  




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