Shane Speal "Rare Sightings" Autumn Tour Announced

Tour kicks off with special Les Paul Family Benefit in Mahwah NJ next week.

Do we call this a tour?  It sounds good, but it's not really a tour.  It's not even that many concerts.  

I considered calling these small handful of concerts "The Autumn of Discontent"... because I can't keep performing the same songs from the last two years.  It's time for me to write new music.

So I need some time to write.

But I'm still performing.  I've also been booked as a headliner for the Jeff Norwood Stage at Deep Blues: Mississippi in October!  I'll be sharing the stage with some of the finest in the underground blues scene...right in the middle of Clarksdale, Mississippi!  

Please see the entire concert schedule here.

So what's the next album?  Hmm...  One close friend challenged me to write a rock opera.  That's a possibility.  I'm not sure if the project will be solo or Snake Oil Band.  Either way, it's time for some new music.

What are you up to? 
Don't forget to stay primal.



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