Shane Speal's Top 10 Awesome Things Happening

Shane Speal's Top 10 Awesome Things Happening

Hi all!  There's so much going on that I had to turn it into a Top 10 list. Of course, I had some fun with this...  

#10 - After years of development in my workshop, C. B. Gitty has just released my Tin Can Microphone Kit today!  (Just $19.99 at
I also filmed a goofy demo video that you can see in the description:

#9 - The PA Cigar Box Guitar Festival is next week.  Details here.  

#8 - If you're in the Seattle area, Ronn Benway is returning.  
Look for him performing on the streets at Pike Place market.  (Before Ronn left, he joined me for one more jam inside my woodshed.  I played diddley bow and he played washboard.  Watch it here.)

#7 - I'm writing a new album.  I've been challenged by Dave Finkel to make it a rock opera.  Let's see if I can do this...

#6 - Wesseh is building oil can guitars!  These are exact copies of the one that made him famous. I'm attempting to have them shipped to me so I can sell them online and send him all the money!

#5 - Central Penn Business Journal just profiled me as an innovator of Facebook Live broadcasts.
 (You may have to sign up for a free trial subscription to read it all)

#4 - They also filmed a feature video.  
#3 - I've just been booked for Deep Blues Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Oct 14-16.  

#2 - We will be streaming my Deep Blues concerts live on Cigar Box Nation TV

#1 - This is happening next week:

Stay primal.

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  • Mary Anne Norwood

    Mary Anne Norwood Pawleys Island, SC

    Can't wait in #3 & #2!!!

    Can't wait in #3 & #2!!!

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