I've Been Stompin' On These Dang Boxes for Almost Seven Years...

I've Been Stompin' On These Dang Boxes for Almost Seven Years... 

The right foot always slams down on a foot stomping device, keeping time for myself and the band.  I've made these contraptions from Coca Cola crates, plywood, actual floor boards, license plates...you name it! 

I've used bass drums and purchased the $250 foot stompers from the pros, too.  THUD!  THUD!  THUD!  THUD! 

So of course, the week that C. B. Gitty decides to unveil my perfected Shane Speal Signature Foot Stomper...is also the week that I announce the Snake Oil Band performing with a drummer, enabling me to stand up and dance with Ronn Benway on stage. 

This is the absurdity of my life. 

So yeah, the Snake Oil Band will be joined by drummer, Bob Cianci at 7pm this Friday evening at Liquid Hero Brewery in downtown York, PA.  (Info here.)  I won't need my stool or the foot stomper.  In fact, I plan on running through the crowd and turning the craziness up a notch.  The Snake Oil Band with a drummer is a totally different experience.  It's full-fledged balls-out rock. 

Photo: Ted Van Pelt 

Let's face it, I love the THUD! of the foot stomper, but I also crave the interaction with the crowds.  Give me a chance to dance in mosh and I'm immediately there! 

The show on Friday is a special event with Cianci.  We'll be back to foot stompin' Snake Oil in subsequent shows. 

...and I'll need that new Foot Stomper.  There's no better stomp device on the market.  Trust me, I've tried 'em all.  This one sounds like a combat boot to the chest. 

Stay primal! 
Shane Speal 

Ps.  There's three prototypes built of the Foot Stomper.  I've signed each one and they're on sale now.  Get 'em while they got 'em.  We will soon be bringing out a standard model with a wooden housing built at the C. B. Gitty workshops.

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