The Art of the Chugger


Primitive Sonic Paintbrushes

When faced with only two strings in your hand, you can either choose to get a chugging rhythm going... or remain on the bench. 

Two strings give you a power chord.  They downshift your musical brain into a deeper way of thinking. 

No frets.  No fret markers.  It's playing live without a net.

And no electricity.  (Why molest a perfectly good Chugger with electronics?)  These Chuggers sing with acoustic tones of two strings mixed with two internal springs (just like Ed Stilley's guitars).

It's like driving an empty wooden box to its limit.

There are four new artistic Chugger cigar box guitars for sale.  Each one is just $165.  See the pictures and hear them in their full spring-reverb glory with the accompanying demo videos. 

I package and ship them within 24 hours so that they can get tucked under the Christmas tree. 

Stay primal,

ps.  Beware of the Chugger named "The Vagrant."  It's the one with the stovetop cover on top.)  The springs inside somehow got crossed or possibly something worse.  The dirty, metallic tones from that one crash and jangle.  Primal to maximum capacity...

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