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Photo taken by Snake Oil Band fan, Ted Van Pelt
The Light of Spring That Shines After a Long Cold Winter

"It's Friday, but Sunday's comin'!" the preacher yelled from the pulpit.  I think about that phrase a lot...especially sitting here on Good Friday.  It's that hopefulness of a break after a tough time.  I'm starting to feel that hope with the change in weather...

What a winter it was.  Snow upon snow here in Pennsylvania.  One of my closest friends (and Snake Oil Band washboard player) Ronn has been gone, chasing the muse of performing on the streets of Seattle.  Gigs have been in small clubs for little money.  And any extra time has been spent in the woodshop (or at the dining room table when it was too cold), building guitars in preparation for summer festival season.

But Spring is here!  Festivals are getting booked.  Ronn will be returning to the Snake Oil Band.  And soon, I'll be pulling the back porch swing out so I can relax in the evening, light a cigar and play my cigar box guitar for the birds. 

Work has been done.  There's more to do, but this winter has not devoured us.  Let's sing.  The light is shining.

Stay primal..and Happy Easter,
Concert tonight at 7pm:  Liquid Hero Brewery, York PA.  No cover.  Shane, Aaron and Farmer Jon bring the trio version of the Snake Oil Band for our last show at the Hero until the Fall.  Expect songs to take on a deeper, swampier feel.
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