UPDATE: You raised $1635 for Wesseh, the blind gas can guitarist

This photo was taken today at Immersion Outfitters ministry in Monrovia, Liberia...right before I Skyped with Wesseh and his helper, George Toe.  

I just finished Skyping with Wesseh Freeman, the blind oil can guitarist in Liberia.  His helper, Pastor George Toe helped him contact me to thank us all for the fundraiser we just created.  (BTW, I held my phone up to record some of the video session.  I posted it here on my Facebook page.)

You guys ready for the update?

YOU HAVE RAISED $1635 TO WESSEH!! That is $1000 over our initial goal. This means enough funds have been raised to:

1. Rent him a room for one year...and right before the Liberian 6-month rainy season
2. Furnish that room
3. Provide for his basic needs.

We are now looking ahead to helping Pastor George build a school with Immersion Outfitters in Monrovia, Liberia. The end result will be a ministry/school where Wesseh can be employed to teach music and instrument building to the children!

It's not about throwing money at someone. It's about helping him create a sustainable living.

Here's the info on the fundraiser:

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  • Marian

    Marian Florida

    Great work!! Any chance his sight could be somewhat restored?

    Great work!! Any chance his sight could be somewhat restored?

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