I Gave a Seminar on Social Media and Got Paid In Dead Animals! (True story...)

Meet "Musky," the muskrat skull that has become the newest addition to my home office.  I just received him in "payment" for giving a Skillswap Seminar in York PA on the subject of social media marketing.  (Yes, I filmed the seminar.  Scroll to the bottom to watch the whole thing.)

I also got a tarantula shed skin, too!  Let me explain...

SkillSwap is a new type of seminar series where participants bring something in trade to attend your presentation. When I was asked to create a list of items people could trade for my speech, I had things like "a 6-pack of your favorite NON-IPA beer," broken instruments, or even antique signs.  I then added to the list, "something unusual from your store."

That's where Musky and his friend, Spidey come in...

One of the attendees was Kelsey A. Frey, a Naturalist for the Nixon County Park Nature Center in York PA.  She's also a seller of vintage and unusual items.  Her specimen museum pieces above met my challenge of "something unusual" in a way that completely blew my mind.

So in addition to a car load of beer and wine, guitar strings, cool Scrapple sign and more (thanks everyone!), I now have some fascinating museum pieces in my home office.   Kelsey, you rock!

Watch my whole presentation and maybe you'll learn some "tricks and cheats" for your own social media marketing... 

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