NEW VIDEO LESSON: R. L. Burnside's "Nine Days In Jail"


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I'm continuing my series on classic blues songs arranged for cigar box guitar with this fantastic song by the great RL Burnside.  "Nine Days in Jail" was originally released on his album, My Black Name A-Ringin' and has that signature North Mississippi groove to it.

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Five Reasons Why You Suck at Slide Guitar

By Shane Speal.  This article was originally posted in my Guitar World column.

Have you ever bought a guitar slide and had intentions of ripping new leads with it, only to discover when you get home that it’s damn near impossible to use? 

I’ve been there, too. 

Playing slide guitar, well, takes a little dedication in practice, but also in the way you set up your gear, too. 

Here’s a quick rundown of five roadblocks that might be keeping you from sliding: 

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Staying primal...always,

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VIDEO: How to Develop Vibrato in Your Slide Hand

Every slide guitarist has a signature tremolo.  Here's how you can start to get yours.  Remember to only wobble half a fret away from your starting note!  Grab a Stubby Slide and watch the video below...

VIDEO: Further Adventures in MANGLING the Open G Tuning!

LET'S MANGLE THE OPEN G TUNING AGAIN!!!  Let's retune just one string and make the fretboard FRESH.  This is a G major tuning, a tin pan alley version of the blues tuning.  If you're in Open G, simply retune…

CIGAR BOX GUITAR VIDEO SERIES: Play these "Hoedown" Riffs to Improve Your Picking Hand

Let's do a little chicken pickin' today with my favorite hoedown licks. In this lesson series, I break it down into an exercise that will build up your picking and Stubby Slide chops.  As we go on in the next videos, I show how that simple riff can be morphed into blues and even Appalachian murder ballad styles. Start slow and build up speed over time.