OPEN D Tuning for 3-String Cigar Box Guitar

The beauty of cigar box guitars is that you can try any combination of strings and tunings without judgement!

In this video, Shane Speal has his Rumbler cigar box guitar tuned to a low Open D tuning (DAD) and talks about the pursuit of creativity.   


Ok, so I finally broke down and got a shovel guitar.  Guess what...  I LOVE IT!  This is the top-notch Shovel Caster built by Richard Newland of Bakersfield, CA.   I also talk about WHY you should play a shovel guitar...  

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New Guitar Slides, a Big Damn Show & My Liberian Kids!

Shane Speal newsletter... new slides, the kids got the barrel (pics below) and a "big damn show" next week.

I'm getting buried by snow right now, so I've used the time to list these hand-painted Art Guitar Slides.

It's been a while since I've gotten a new collectible guitar slide up at These new Art Slides are hand=spun on a potter's wheel and then individually painted by Dave Lynas.  To be honest, I received more than the 16 shown here, but decided to keep several of them for my own growing slide collection. 
M-O-O-N...that spells slide.
They're like mini pieces of art for your blues....

"Find what you love and let it kill you."

There's a snarky meme floating around the sewer of Facebook that has the Charles Bukowski quote, "Find what you love and let it kill you."

Ah Facebook, you never fail to disappoint.

Tonight, I looked up the exact quote and realized the meme was criminally incomplete.  The full text of the quote is inspiring, profound and something I needed to share with you.

Here's the full Bukowski text: