The Beginner's Lesson: How to Play Cigar Box Guitar

I've had some people tell me that my beginner's lessons are too advanced for the person who just picked up a cigar box guitar.  Let me step back from all the detailed cigar box guitar lessons and give you the…

TAB + VIDEO: How to Play Basic Blues on 3-string Cigar Box Guitar

I receive so many requests for TAB versions of my video lessons.  Unfortunately, I am completely self-taught and I play by ear. That means I don't know how to read any music, let alone transcribe it.  However, blues guy, David Tannen has been recently sent me a TAB'ed out version of my basic Blues in G lesson and he put it in a downloadable PDF page.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - the horrible beginnings of new songs

Most of my songs starts out as a horrible mess of cliche's and meandering sounds.  That's normal.  The goal is to refine the song, adding special touches, exciting new sounds and lyrical twists that become earworms.

We turned the cameras on last night during a Shane Speal & the Snakes practice to show the horrible beginnings of a song that has yet to go thru the refinement process.