I've been a fan of Musicvox guitars since their first days of production back in the 1990's.  Their globular shapes, inspired by cheesy guitars of the Sixties stood in direct contrast to the same-ol' Fender/Gibson guitars that are supposed to be industry standard.  Musicvox's are bold, bizarre and inspiring.

A couple years ago, I started corresponding with Musicvox founder/madman, Dr. Matt Eichen on the guitar company's Facebook page.  (I probably came across as a raving lunatic or gushing like a smitten schoolgirl.)   One evening as I was goofing around with my Photoshop computer program, I took a science fiction pulp book cover and graphed a Musicvox Spaceranger guitar onto it.  Dr. Matt was delighted at the goofy fan art and asked me to do some more.

Within a couple months, I was being commissioned to create the national advertising campaigns for Musicvox guitars, mashing up artwork with guitars.  (Being a full-time musician has afforded me some open daytime hours for this stuff.)  My online relationship with Dr. Matt has turned into a close friendship and our ads are becoming the stuff of legend. 

Below are some of the ads we've made along with the original Facebook fan pieces I created.  Click on each picture for a bigger view.  Comments on each ad will be below each picture.

Pictured (right):  Shane poses with the two Musicvox guitars and Ming Tea drumset used in the Austin Powers Goldmember movie.