Shane Speal (self titled)

Shane Speal

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Loud stomp blues from the King of the Cigar Box Guitar. Eight new gloriously lo-fi tracks (and 4 bonus tracks) including Speal's remake of Jimi Hendrix's "I Dont Live Today" performed on cigar box guitar and backed by a fife-and-drum band. Also features concert favorite, "Billy Pringle (A Song about a Pig)."

"Speal's music is intentionally strange. The best way to describe it is to take blues and gospel and country and Hawaiian and ragtime and put it through a meat grinder that's missing some teeth - all recorded in the basement of Speal's Shiloh home on a Zoom digital recorder he inherited from a now-deceased friend." -Mike Argento (from the York Daily Record newspaper, 4/24/09)

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