From the recording Stay Primal

Take a set of murder ballad lyrics that I had written back during the 12 Stones album, add a soulful guitar riff on a 4-string cigar box guitar and sing it in a gravel voice. Yep, that's Miss Treater.


by Shane Speal
(c) 2017 Shane Speal Music (BMI)
I lived down the street from ol’ Charlie Treater
He liked to get real drunk, grab his wife
And then he’d beat her
He beat that woman fierce
He’d have another beer
Each night it was the same thing
Year after year

Now Charlie had a daughter by the name of Cindy Lou
She always seemed the quiet type when I’d see her after school
Cindy Lou was gorgeous, in a young and tragic way
I’ll never forget the day when they locked her away

It was a hot summer night, I was upstairs in my bed
Window was open I heard every word she said
The night that Cindy snapped
When the old man started to fight
Her voice it sounded different
Something wasn’t right

Cindy Treater grabbed his shirt, threw him up against the wall
Furniture was crashing as the two began to brawl
That was when she reached up for his Winchester repeater
He said “put that thing down, Cindy”
She said “WHO?” [STOP!]
“Bitch, you can call me Miss Treater. Mean Miss Treater”
By the time the cops arrived
He was face down on the floor
Miss Treater stood there grinnin’
Leanin’ by the kitchen door
They say that one shot killed him
But she shot ten more in case
She never looked more beautiful
With that smile on her face