From the recording Stay Primal

Great lyrics by our new drummer, Rick Stepina about an infamous murder in York County PA back in 1928. Extra vocal fills taken from the actual deposition of one of the killers. Yes, that's a tin can microphone...


Rehmeyer's Hollow
by Rick Stepina and Shane Speal
(c) 2017

Nellie Noll the River Witch told John that he was cursed
A book of spells and a lock of hair, for it to be reversed
So john called upon his two close friends, and with him they would follow
They’d go to stop a pow-wow man that lived in Rehmeyer’s Hollow

Nelson lived in small wood house, tucked deep in the woods
Pow-wow cures and a farmer’s life is what he understood
He retired for the night, in the fall of ‘28
As he slept three men arrived and opened up Hell’s Gate

They couldn’t find the book of spells that would end the hex
Folklore speculates about what the men did next
They overpowered Nelson in just one minutes time
Beat the old man senseless and tied him up with twine

A spark to light a fire, watch the body burn
The trio soon would realize, that their fates had turned
No matter what they tried to do, the flames kept going dim
A lifeless body, charred floor boards, remnants of their sin

It was 20 years to life for the York Hex Slayers
Nelson’s ghost still haunts the grounds some 90 years later
You may wish to see the home that witnessed all this sorrow
Flames are sometimes seen at night down in Rehmeyer’s Hollow