From the recording Stay Primal

You don't go to New Orleans and not bring a part of it back with you. This is our tribute to the cigar box guitar playing originators of jazz music, itself!


by Shane Speal
(c) 2017 Shane Speal Music (BMI)

Everybody get a rock
There’s gonna be a fight
They booked another band
On a Saturday night

Called ‘em Razzy Dazzy
Now they can’t deny it
Everybody get a rock
There’s gonna be a riot

Everybody grab a brick
Even half a brick will do
We’re gonna hit the Haymaker
At quarter after two

We’re gonna hit them hard
With everything we got
Everybody grab a brick
But nobody get caught

>> Stray Cat II chords

Sneaking down the alley from the Storyville line
Cajun, Munk and Gravy said they do this all the time
Two kids up in front, four more round the back
We’re gonna have a throwdown
And some heads are gonna crack!