From the recording Stay Primal

A barn burner to end the album. Solos galore, including washtub bass, washboard, harmonica, mandolin, cigar box guitar and jug!!!

Lyrics were originally written as a ballad, but reworked into a pickin' & grinnin' song here.


by Shane Speal
(c) 2017 Shane Speal Music (BMI)
If my heart was a house
And my love was a ring
If my demons quit calling
And they paid me to sing

If my bills would go away
Give my life a brand new start
I would build us both a new life
I would give you all my heart

I ain’t got no possessions
I ain’t got no roof overhead
I ain’t got no direction
No place to lay my weary head
Well I’m poor but satisfied
Thankful for my daily bread

But my heart has no roof
And my love is just that
I got hell on the phone
And my voice is just flat

I got bills to the sky
And my life is torn apart
I just try to keep it going
Just to give you all my heart